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Our private property is well secured, but behind these gates you’ll find a revitalized exclusive hacienda of 3 buildings, 1 pool, 6 master bedrooms, a courtyard, 5 dining terraces and kitchens.......2 cats, and countless plants. 

The Garden villa has 4 unique apartments each

surrounding the pool. 3 with open terrace 

dine-in kitchens, one with a separate indoor kitchen. And a home of 2

matching en-suite bedrooms with private gardens and shared outdoor kitchen & dining. 

Layout of The Secret Garden Tulum

This cultivated jungle offers you a vibrant atmosphere with city conveniences.

Walk to nearby shops and restaurants, take classes or attend meetings, or buy groceries just steps away.

Take a look at our quick guide of places with-in walking distance.

Cenote Cave
Tulum Bicycles

Or rent a bicycle or scooter for the day to take your adventure a little further from our gates.

Muyil Ruins

Our Villa is set standard for 12 guest (2 per room), but can comfortably accomodate 20 overnight guests

desk tulum
Minimalist bathroom with white walls, a wooden wardrobe, and a built-in white shelf decorated with a small plant
poolside kitchen tulum
20221224_153310 copy

Bedrooms are much larger than most in the area.

Perfect for sleep, work, and play. 

On site services such as massage or yoga sessions are available in

your bedroom, seperate spa area, or one of our partner sites.

Each kitchen comes fully stocked with items you need for daily meal preparation. Looking for something special? We also keep many additional appliances, utensils, dishes, and spices on hand.  

poolside dining tulum
vines outdoor kitchen tulum

Explore our various dining options.

You'll have both private and communal dining locations to choose from.

We can also arrange a private chef,

grocery delivery, or

daily meal service.

outdoor dining tulum

We welcome
digital nomads and mid-term guests
with dedicated
work space and fast wifi in every apartment, large rooms with ample storage, and full kitchens. 


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